1) General conditions in order to buy Ernesto Alaimo sunglasses products and services.
Ernesto Alaimo is the owner of Ernesto Alaimo sunglasses website, with registered office in Via Montevergini 3, 90134 Palermo (PA), Italy. Users can access the website according to the mentioned conditions and accepting all the selling conditions. Ernesto-alaimo.com doesn’t provide any guarantee (explicit or implicit) about the accuracy, completeness and reliability regarding information, software, services and about all the website. The exception is for what the law establishes according to consumer protection.
Ernesto-alaimo.com will be daily updated. We have the right to edit part or all the site, whenever we want, without any previous notification. The offer of Ernesto Alaimo sunglasses products and services is for all the users. By users we mean all the people who buy products and services on the website, with no business or professional goals, according to the legislative decree n°206, 6th September 2005.

2) Sale contract
Pictures on ernesto-alaimo.com website are photos of the products. The real product could be slightly different from the picture. Ernesto-alaimo.com aims at representing them for sale, without any explicit or implicit guarantee according to the perfect correspondence between the picture and the product, especially about size, lens colours and eyeglasses frames.
Each product has a detailed description about lens colours and eyeglasses frames. However, Ernesto-alaimo.com is not responsible for the description.
Each sale will be archived by Ernesto-alaimo.com, through an electronic system. Ernesto-alaimo.com employees can access the website and also who processes the services, that is to say shipping, invoicing and store management.

3) Prices of Ernesto-alaimo.com products and services – Product availability
Prices are VAT included. Shipping is free. Shipping trough ‘Insured Free Shipping’ service.
Ernesto-alaimo.com can change prices on website, without any previous notification to the customer.
The above mentioned price rises could depend on providers’ increase.
Product availability depends on our storage resources and on our producers.
Ernesto-alaimo.com ships in 24/48 hours. Usually, we ship within 4 working days from the order. The order is automatic. However, delivery time could differ from the indicated ones due to reasons connected to the courier service. Each product has its invoice, CE guarantees, 24 month guarantee for manufacturing defects, sunglasses case and microfiber cloth (if provided).

4) Payment method
Ernesto-alaimo.com accepts the following payment methods:
Paypal (Credit card)
Bank transfer
Cash on delivery
Paypal payment is on Paypal website, where the user can transfer the amount to Ernesto Alaimo Sunglasses. Custom’s financial data will be managed by Paypal and Ernesto Alaimo Sunglasses will not share them. Paypal payment circuit is valid also for users who pay by credit card to ensure maximum security. When the customer pays by credit card, Ernesto-alaimo.com opens a safe page (SSL) automatically to complete the transaction. In this page you can enter your credit card details (number and expiry date) in SAFE way. Data are transferred to Paypal, ensuring maximum security. Ernesto-alaimo.com doesn’t keep any credit card number, for this reason it has no responsibility about the transaction between the bank and its client.
When you buy a product on Ernesto-alaimo.com, your credit card will be charged by a designed employee during the transaction. However, nobody can see credit card details, because they are safeguarded by the banks.
For any further information, do not hesitate to contact our customer service:
+39 351 541 3898

5) Withdrawal right by Ernesto Alaimo Sunglasses
In accordance with Article 64 and the Consumer Code, the consumer is entitled to withdraw, without any penalty and without giving any reason. The customer should advice Ernesto-alaimo.com customer service through email, fax or registered post within 30 days after the receipt of the product. Consumers have the right to give back each product as long as it is in perfect condition sealed, without any sign of use, neither damaged nor scratched. As a consequence, Ernesto-alaimo.com will refund consumers the total amount.
In accordance with Italian law, packaging and shipping costs have to be paid by the client. However, in this case, we will pay the costs.
We suggest to wear and try on your sunglasses and, if you decide to give them back, send them charged to the adressee, to Ernesto Alaimo Sunglasses – Via Montevergini 3 – 90134 Palermo
It is important to text Ernesto Alaimo Sunglasses quality and comfort in order to decide.
Ernesto Alaimo Sunglasses has no responsibility in case of loss, damage or theft about returned products until they have been delivered. For this reason, customer has the responsibility of each kind of risk. Products must be sent to the following adress: Ernesto Alaimo Sunglasses – Via Montevergini 3 – 90134 Palermo
A traceable shipment is recommended. Ernesto-alaimo.com is not responsible for loss or damaged packages during transportation. Packaging and shipping costs are not refundable.
Once verified that there are no damages, Ernesto-alaimo.com will refund the total amount not later than 30 days from the receipt of returned products. The refund will be by bank transfer or by credit card (at Ernesto Alaimo Sunglasses discretion).

6) Warranty

All the products offered are covered by an official manufacturer’s warranty lasting two years for lack of conformity, pursuant to Legislative Decree 24/02.
Damages caused by misuse are not guaranteed and we will not be held liable for direct or indirect damages deriving from improper use.
To take advantage of the guarantee of the purchased product, just contact us to arrange for the item to be sent to our office. We also inform you that the guarantee is always valid should the glasses show production imperfections.

7) Privacy

In accordance with article 13 Ernesto-alaimo.com will handle all personal details in compliance with the Italian Legislative Decree no. 196 dated 30/06/2003 (Code for processing of personal data).
Anonymous data on website access could be stored with statistical aims.
By accessing the website you accept privacy policy. For information about processing of personal data in compliance with Italian law, do not hesitate to contact us on info@ernesto-alaimo.com.
An employee will be at your disposal within 24/48 hours.

8) Communications and complains

Each communication or complain towards Ernesto-alaimo.com has to be addressed to its Customer service, filling the specific form in the website or sending an email.

9) Copyright – Brands

All contents, information, software, texts, design, pictures on the website are copyright protected.
It is strictly forbidden for users to modify, distribute, spread, publish, sell, license, copy or use with commercial aims all the contents, without Ernesto-alaimo.com written approval.
All the brands, logos and recognisable signs belong to Ernesto-alaimo.com and/or to its relative owner. It is absolutely prohibited the brand usage and copy on other website by users, for any purpose, without Ernesto Alaimo Sunglasses, or rightful owner, written approval.
Pictures, descriptions, colours and all technical details of each pair of sunglasses are descriptive.
Ernesto Alaimo Sunglasses can update the website, without any previous notification.
9) Rules and regulations – Competent court
Terms and conditions are in compliance with Italian law, as well as sales contract, and under Italian jurisdiction.